Why Choose BigBlueButton for Your Online Learning Platform?

Discover the benefits of BigBlueButton, an open-source web conferencing system designed for online learning. Learn about its community-driven development, control over data, wide integration, and continuous improvement, including the latest features of BigBlueButton 2.6.
29 Jun, 2023

In the past few years, the world has experienced an unprecedented shift towards digitalization in various sectors, including education. Online learning platforms have become the cornerstone of this digital revolution in education, offering a flexible, accessible, and cost-effective solution for remote education. Among these platforms, BigBlueButton stands out as an open-source web conferencing system designed explicitly for online learning.

BigBlueButton has been dedicated to providing remote students a high-quality online learning experience since its inception in 2007. Led by BlindSide Networks, the BigBlueButton project has released over a dozen versions of the core product, each bringing new features, improvements, and security enhancements. But why should you choose BigBlueButton as your online learning platform? Let’s delve into the details.

Open Source and Community-Driven

BigBlueButton’s open-source nature is one of its most significant advantages. With open-source software, the source code is freely available for anyone to view, modify, and distribute. This transparency ensures maximum trust in the software. Moreover, security gaps are quickly discovered and closed thanks to the large community supporting the project.

With the combined expertise and contributions from a worldwide community, rather than a single team within one company, BigBlueButton boasts high-quality source code, stability, high performance, and a high level of security. Any issues that arise are thoroughly reviewed and diligently patched by the community, making the software extremely robust and reliable.

Control Over Your Data

In an age where data privacy is paramount, BigBlueButton gives you complete control over your data. You don’t have to worry about any third-party accessing your data for any purpose. It’s all in your hands, providing peace of mind and ensuring your online classes’ security and privacy.

Wide Adoption and Integration

Over the years, BigBlueButton has gained worldwide adoption for online classes delivery. Its seamless integration into leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, Schoology, Jenzabar, and WordPress, has cemented its place as a preferred online learning platform. As of July 2020, over 17,000 Moodle sites were using BigBlueButton, demonstrating its wide acceptance.

BigBlueButton’s Github repository has been forked by other developers around 5,000 times, indicating its popularity among developers. It also boasts a very active open-source community, with over 2,500 members continually supporting and improving the platform.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: BigBlueButton 2.6

The latest release, BigBlueButton 2.6, exemplifies the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. This new version brings a plethora of features that improve usability, increase engagement, and boost performance.

Usability Enhancements

BigBlueButton 2.6 introduces several usability enhancements. A dark theme option has been added, reducing eye strain and offering a more comfortable viewing experience. The echo test modal now includes a new audio stream volume indicator, reducing the number of interactions required for audio confirmation. The notification of recording start has also been made more prominent, ensuring users are aware when a session is being recorded.

Additionally, users can now pin more than one webcam, upload their own webcam background, and adjust webcam image brightness. These features provide more control over the visual aspect of the online classes, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Increased Engagement Features

BigBlueButton 2.6 also brings several features that can increase engagement in online classes. For instance, it introduces live automatic closed captions, enabling users to have their voices transcribed if they select a language for automatic transcription. This feature is particularly helpful for hearing-impaired students and non-native speakers.

Teachers can now export their slide decks with the annotations added during a lesson, creating acomprehensive resource for students to refer back to after the class. They can also upload a presentation directly from NextCloud, making it easier to share materials with students.

Another exciting feature is the improved layouts manager selection, which allows users to customize the layout of their online classes for an optimal learning experience. The whiteboard has been updated with TLdraw, a small application that supports improved drawing features. This can be particularly beneficial in a teaching scenario where visual representation is key.

Performance Improvements

BigBlueButton 2.6 isn’t just about new features. It also brings significant performance improvements. The recording API has been updated for quicker and more efficient search and retrieval of recording data. The software now installs on Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit, and key components like Meteor, Grails, and Spring have been upgraded, enhancing the software’s stability and performance.

HigherEdLab.com: Your Destination for BigBlueButton Hosting

As the world continues to navigate the complexities of remote learning, BigBlueButton stands as a reliable and robust solution for online education. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a strong community supporting its development, BigBlueButton is set to remain a leading tool in the realm of virtual classrooms.

For those seeking a seamless and feature-packed online classroom experience, HigherEdLab.com offers BigBlueButton hosting with several benefits. HigherEdLab.com allows you to start online classes on BigBlueButton with crystal-clear HD video learning. It provides interactive tools such as chat, polls, and presentations. It also offers advanced features like ChatGPT-powered quizzes and transcription. With custom domain, logo, colors, and advanced user management, integration, and analytics, HigherEdLab.com takes your BigBlueButton experience to the next level.

With the release of BigBlueButton 2.6, the future of online learning looks brighter than ever. Whether you’re an educator looking for a robust online teaching platform or a student seeking an engaging online learning experience, BigBlueButton 2.6 has something to offer. The journey of learning never ends, and with BigBlueButton, that journey becomes an enjoyable experience, irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

So, why wait? Experience the future of online learning today with HigherEdLab.com.

Step into the future of education and enhance your online learning experience. After all, the world is our classroom!

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