Unveiling BigBlueButton Features: An In-Depth Analysis of Virtual Education Tools

Explore our comprehensive guide on BigBlueButton features, from real-time audio-video sharing to interactive tools. Discover how this platform is redefining virtual education.
30 Jun, 2023


Navigating through the rapidly digitizing world, it’s evident that virtual learning platforms are no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity for educators and students alike. Amid a sea of options, BigBlueButton, an open-source online classroom software, emerges as a beacon of interactive and dynamic learning. This article will deep dive into the feature-rich BigBlueButton platform, illustrating how it’s revolutionizing the virtual classroom experience, pushing boundaries, and bridging the gap between traditional and digital learning.

BigBlueButton – An Overview

BigBlueButton is more than just an online learning platform; it’s a digital classroom that prioritizes collaboration, interaction, and above all, learning outcomes. With a suite of tools, including real-time audio and video sharing, interactive whiteboards, and personalized chat options, BigBlueButton has positioned itself as an indispensable ally for educators navigating the digital world.

BigBlueButton Features

Real-time Audio and Video Sharing

Imagine recreating the real-time interaction, the lively discussions, the sense of community of a traditional classroom setting, but online. This is made possible with BigBlueButton’s real-time audio and video sharing feature. It’s about enabling those important conversations, discussions, and debates that can often only be simulated in a physical classroom. Plus, the adjustable video resolution means that everyone, regardless of their bandwidth capabilities, can have a seamless learning experience.

Public and Private Chat

BigBlueButton goes beyond just audio and video; it embraces the power of the written word through its public and private chat options. The public chat transforms into a vibrant hub for class-wide discussions, sparking a plethora of thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints. The private chat, on the other hand, becomes a unique avenue for personalized instruction, allowing educators to cater to individual student needs without disrupting the overall class flow.

Interactive Multi-user Whiteboard

Visual aids are crucial in facilitating understanding and learning. The multi-user interactive whiteboard on BigBlueButton takes this up a notch by offering a shared space where concepts come alive, problems get solved, and ideas take shape. With the option to highlight key points, educators can draw attention to crucial aspects, enhancing the grasp of fundamental concepts.

Slide Presentations and Document Uploads

In the ever-expanding digital universe, diverse content formats are the norm. Catering to this, BigBlueButton’s document upload feature supports a myriad of formats, including PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and images, facilitating easy sharing of study materials. Coupled with the slide presentation feature, educators can deliver structured content that is rich, engaging, and informative.

Intuitive Screen Sharing

Screen sharing, an immersive feature of BigBlueButton, offers students a peek into the educators’ screens. Whether it’s demonstrating processes, showing additional information, or guiding students through online resources, screen sharing enhances the visual learning experience, leading to better comprehension and retention of information.

Breakout Rooms

Promoting collaborative learning, BigBlueButton’s breakout rooms serve as virtual hubs where small groups of students can dive deeper into discussions, brainstorm, and exchange ideas. By mimicking group work in a physical setting, this feature enhances comprehension and fosters a team spirit among students.


Polls in BigBlueButton serve a dual purpose. On one hand, they’re a fun way to increase student engagement; on the other, they’re a tool that educators can use to gauge comprehension levels, allowing them to tailor their teaching pace or address knowledge gaps. The instantaneous display of results fosters a sense of transparency and can stimulate further class-wide discussions.


Emojis, the universal language of the digital age, are an integral part of BigBlueButton’s platform. Students can use a wide range of emojis to express their emotions, reactions, or even to indicate their understanding of the subject matter, adding a fun and enjoyable element to the learning experience.

Shared Notes

Shared notes on BigBlueButton offer a collaborative space for students and educators to document key points, questions, or ideas during the class. This feature takes note-taking to a new level, fostering a sense of collective learning and shared understanding.

Recording Lectures

BigBlueButton recognizes the importance of flexible learning. With the lecture recording feature, educators can ensure their virtual classes are accessible even beyond the allocated time, allowing students to revisit lessons, revise, or catch up on missed classes. This approach aligns well with the modern emphasis on asynchronous learning.

Webcam Video and Custom Backgrounds

Creating a personal and engaging learning environment is easy with BigBlueButton’s webcam video sharing and custom background options. By adding a visual layer to interactions, these features make the virtual classroom feel more like a physical space, encouraging students to actively participate.

Hand Raise

Maintaining order in a virtual classroom can be a challenge. The hand raise feature on BigBlueButton provides a non-disruptive way for students to indicate their willingness to ask questions or contribute to discussions, maintaining the flow of the class while ensuring every student’s voice is heard.

Comparing BigBlueButton with Other Online Meeting Tools

With an array of digital platforms at our disposal, it becomes crucial to make informed decisions about the tools we choose for virtual education. Let’s delve deeper into how BigBlueButton compares with other prominent online meeting tools, namely, Zoom and Google Meet, considering factors like features, cost, data privacy, branding, and the ability to use custom domains.

Zoom vs BigBlueButton

On the feature front, Zoom is well-regarded for its high-quality HD video and audio capabilities, participant camera feeds, audio-only conferencing, cross-platform messaging, password protection, end-to-end encryption, built-in scheduling within the app, calendar scheduling, waiting rooms, and personal meeting rooms. While these features make Zoom a versatile tool for different types of online meetings, BigBlueButton steals the limelight when it comes to online learning.

BigBlueButton offers interactive multi-user whiteboards, breakout rooms, shared notes, polls, lecture recordings, and more, all tailored specifically for educational settings. It further distinguishes itself with the option for custom branding, letting institutions and educators use their logo and colors for a personalized learning environment.

As for cost, Zoom does provide a free tier, but it comes with certain limitations like a 40-minute limit on group meetings. Paid plans start from $149.90 per year per license. BigBlueButton, being open-source, is free to use and modify. However, hosting it might incur costs, which can vary based on your provider.

In terms of data privacy, both platforms have made considerable strides. Zoom has rolled out features like end-to-end encryption and password-protected meetings to ensure user data’s security. Similarly, BigBlueButton’s design emphasizes user privacy and data protection.

Google Meet vs BigBlueButton

Google Meet, part of Google Workspace, comes equipped with features such as video meeting scheduling, participant and meeting length limits, whiteboarding, breakout rooms, hand raising, reactions, and safety controls. Despite these features, BigBlueButton shines brighter in the context of online education with unique offerings like real-time sharing of audio and video, public and private chat, emojis, polls, screen-sharing, and lecture recording capabilities.

Google Meet is free for individuals, but educational institutions looking to leverage its advanced features would need to opt for Google Workspace for Education, which has varying costs based on the chosen plan. In contrast, BigBlueButton is open-source and free to use, although there might be associated hosting costs.

On the data privacy front, Google Meet follows Google Workspace’s stringent privacy policies and employs robust encryption to protect data. BigBlueButton also prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that the digital learning space is secure.

Regarding custom branding and domains, Google Meet does not provide customization options. BigBlueButton, however, excels by allowing institutions to use their branding, enhancing the sense of community and belonging among students.

In summary, while Zoom and Google Meet offer a wealth of features, their focus is not solely on education, and they may lack some specialized tools essential for an enriched learning environment. BigBlueButton, with its education-centric design and features, flexible branding options, and focus on data privacy, provides a compelling choice for educators and institutions venturing into the world of online education.

Closing Thoughts

Navigating the realm of virtual learning, BigBlueButton has established itself as a unique, feature-rich platform, dedicated to fostering interactive and engaging virtual learning. By mimicking the interactive and collaborative nature of traditional classrooms and enhancing it with digital capabilities, BigBlueButton is at the forefront of virtual education, reshaping the future of learning.

If you’re an educator or an institution looking to embrace digital learning, I recommend considering HigherEdLab.com. They offer BigBlueButton hosting with a variety of benefits including crystal-clear HD video learning, interactive tools such as chat, poll, presentations, and even ChatGPT-powered quizzes and transcriptions. You can even customize it to your needs with a custom domain, logo, colors, and enjoy advanced user management, integration & analytics. Start your online classes on BigBlueButton today with HigherEdLab.com, and take a step forward in revolutionizing education.

In the ever-evolving digital age, platforms like BigBlueButton are leading the charge, introducing innovative features designed to mimic and enhance traditional classroom experiences. By fully understanding and leveraging these features, educators can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of their students, redefining education for the digital future.

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