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BigBlueButton is like-Zoom for online classes but at a much lower cost.

You get full control over your students’ data. Offer classes with your URL and branding. Quickly start and scale as you need with our monthly subscription.

#1 Open-source Video Conferencing for Online Classes


Get analytics including time of joining and leaving, chat transcript, emoji and polls

Your URL

Build and promote your online classes with your brand, url, logo and theme 

Your LMS

Integrate with Moodle, Zoomla, Canvas, Sakai, Wordpress or any other LMS

New Features

Download MP4, livestream on YouTube, Facebook or your RTMP server


Monthly Subscription

Pay a monthly fee to get your dedicated BBB server; don't pay when no classes;

Data Privacy

Get complete control of your students’ data, without ever sharing with any 3rd party

Fast Support

Count on real-fast and real-person tech support for troubleshooting and upgrades

Scale with Ease

Load balancers with multiple servers to teach 1000s of students simultaneously

Zoom vs BigBlueButton

Zoom BBB
Primary purpose Online meetings Online classes
Video & Audio Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Screen share Yes Yes
Application share Yes No
Share computer sound Yes Yes (Virtual Audio Cable)
MP4 Recording Yes Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes
Annotate Presentation Yes Yes
Break-out room Yes Yes
Co-host/Moderator Yes Yes
Polls Yes Yes
Virtual hand raise Yes Yes
Status Emojis Yes Yes
File transfer Yes No (share link on chat)
Shared notes No Yes
Dial-in with phone Yes Yes
Shares data with 3rd party Yes (Shares data with Facebook and other advertisers) No (You host on your own servers)
Custom Domain No Yes (You can host under your own domain)
Analytics Minimal Detailed (attendance, chat transcripts, poll answers, hands raised)
Integration with LMS Completely separate from LMS Integrates with many LMS including Moodle, Canvas, Joomla, Schoology, and WordPress
Desktop client or browser Desktop client with frequent updates and one-time audio plug-in Runs in browser. No need for any additional app.
Data privacy No Yes (You can host on your own server and control whether and which user data is tracked)

Real-time Performance Dashboard

  • Analytics dashboards to monitor users in real-time
  • Turn server to help connect your users behind firewall
  • Optimized to ensure reliable audio and video
  • 8 Core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, dedicated server
  • RAID 1 for redundancy and LVM for large recording storage 
  • MP4 recordings and backup at AWS S3

Our Custom Apps to Extend BBB


bbb-mp4: Easily integrate this app into your BigBlueButton server to automatically convert class recordings into MP4.

Live Stream

bbb-streaming: Live stream your BigBlueButton classes on Youtube or Facebook.

Dial-in Number

bbb-twilio: Integrate Twilio into BigBlueButton so that users can join a meeting with a dial-in number


bbb-optimize: Better audio, fix 1007/1020 errors, dynamic video profile, pagination and more optimizations

Our Guide answering 100+ questions on BBB

In this guide you will learn everything that is there to know about this popular video conferencing tool for online teaching including:

  1. Should I use BigBlueButton
  2. How to install BigBlueButton
  3. How to use BigBlueButton
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Integrations
  6. BigBlueButton vs Zoom

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