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Affordable pricing to boost your online teaching with HD audio/video classes.

Promote your brand with custom URL, integrate with Moodle or your custom LMS

Analyze students’ engagement and secure their data.

Livestream with ease and scale effortlessly.

Seamless online classroom experience.

Monthly Plans


Perfect for individual tutors seeking a user-friendly, intuitive solution for online teaching without tech setup hassles.
normally $75.00
$50 savings*

✓ 1 License
✓ Up to 4 classes per day
✓ 20 students per class
✓ 50 hour recordings
✓ Standard support


Ideal for coaching centers needing a superior e-learning platform at lower cost with interactive student engagement tools.

normally $199.00

$100 savings*

✓ 3 licenses
✓ 100 students per class
✓ 10 classes per day
✓ 250 hour recordings
✓ Moodle integration
✓ Analytics dashboard
✓ Custom logo and theme
✓ Standard support

Premium (Best Deal)

Optimal for schools and e-training companies requiring full data control, branding, API integrations and priority support.

normally $399.00



$200 savings*

✓ Unlimited licenses
✓ Unlimited classes
✓ 250 students per class
✓ 1000 Hour Recordings
✓ Custom Domain
✓ Custom logo and theme
✓ Custom virtual background
✓ Analytics dashboard
✓ Performance dashboard
✓ Moodle integration
✓ API integration
✓ Priority support
✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager to help with integration and training, ensuring optimal cost and performance

Artifical Intelligence Features Add Ons

Clients we serve from USA, UK, Spain, Indonesia, India

BigBlueButton, Scalelite and Turn servers that we manage

% Uptime that we deliver through real-time real-person tech support

Migration took literally two lines and 30 seconds! Remarkably painless and brilliant service.

Chris Hermann

Test-prep & Tutoring, Great Britain

Fast tech support. Everything worked fine. I am going to continue hiring for my upcoming classes.

Jennifer Tatiana Mateus

Director, PragmaOnline, Colombia

Our monthly expenses on virtual classrooms have significantly dropped. Excellent!

Charo Fernandez

CTO, Georamium Solutions, Spain

Questions? We have answers

Are there any hidden costs or additional charges beyond the initial subscription price?
No, there are no hidden costs or additional charges beyond the initial subscription price. The cost of the subscription includes all the features and functionalities of BigBlueButton. However, if you require additional services like customization or integrations, those could potentially involve additional charges.
Is there a fair cancellation policy if the service doesn't meet our expectations?
Yes, we offer a fair cancellation policy. Typically, you would need to cancel your subscription before your next billing cycle to avoid additional charges.
How is the your customer support service? Is it prompt and helpful in case of any issues?
We are known for our responsive and helpful customer support. We provide support via multiple channels, including email, WhatsApp and Web Chat. Our team is well-equipped to handle and quickly resolve any technical issues you may face.
Does BigBlueButton offer comprehensive features such as screen sharing, breakout rooms, and interactive whiteboards, that are included in the cost?
Yes, BigBlueButton offers comprehensive features including screen sharing, breakout rooms, and interactive whiteboards, and these are all included in the cost of the subscription.
Can we expect the scalability of the platform as our students number grows and we need more capacity? Will that impact the cost?

BigBlueButton is designed to be scalable to meet the demands of growing organizations. As your students number grows, you can upgrade to include a load balancer that could manage up to five BigBlueButton servers. Each BigBlueButton server can host up to 300 concurrent students. So with a load balancer, you can scale up to 1500 concurrent students. For still more students number, please talk to our sales team.
However, it's worth noting that scaling up may result in increased costs, depending on the specifics of your subscription plan.

How often does BigBlueButton update their software? Is there any chance our system could become outdated, and will there be additional costs for updates?
BigBlueButton regularly updates their software to introduce new features and address any issues. These updates are typically included in your subscription and will not cost extra. The frequency and nature of updates would depend on their development schedule and user feedback.
How does BigBlueButton perform in comparison to other video conferencing platforms we're considering, like Zoom or Google Meet, especially in terms of cost-efficiency?
BigBlueButton is a platform designed specifically for education and offers robust features suited for online learning. Compared to Zoom or Google Meet, BigBlueButton can be more cost-effective due to its focus on education-specific features. However, a direct cost comparison would depend on your specific requirements and the subscription plans you are considering from each platform.
Can we customize the platform to better fit our educational needs and branding? Is there an additional cost for customization?

Yes, you can customize BigBlueButton to meet your specific educational needs and to match your school's branding. This usually involves additional costs and would require discussion with our sales team to determine the scope and pricing of customization.


Have other questions?

If you have more questions on our pricing and plans, contact us so we can help.

Clients  Us

Let me share a bit of testimonial as one of Higheredlab clients.

  1. Service = Any setting, configuration, and discussion are well treated, and provided by Higheredlab. We are happy to have the servers always running smoothly, the load balancing is working fine. Never had an issue about the server performance.
  2. Support = Higheredlab support team help me to set up the brand until satisfying our meets and requirements. Any maintenance schedule is always told to us in advance. We have good communication via WhatsApp group for fast response and some more detail conversation in emails
  3. Updates = In periodical terms, we are given updates, not from BigBlueButton itself only, but also from a specific dashboard that is updated by Higheredlab.
  4. Alternative apps = Actually we tried Zoom and Google Meet at least to compare with BigBlueButton, but since my product is Teaching and Learning App, we choose BigBlueButton as the best platform in many perspectives: customizability, more suitable for learning platform, core features are not different with other platform. For the cost, it’s a bit different concept with Zoom, because in Zoom or Google Meet, we buy licenses per user, but in BigBlueButton we host a server that can utilize as many users as we want in the capable servers, so this will remove the restriction of users. In terms of performance, it’s pretty good too, we can choose the best location if we select the Premium package, naturally it should be the closest location to the country.
  5. We recommend Higheredlab to be the vendor of BigBlueButton service, along with the above categories thoughts I mentioned, in overall, it is the stability and long term cooperation, we have worked with Higheredlab more than 1 year and everything is working fine.
We thank Higheredlab for the service given to us, in overall it is good and satisfactory to work with.
Hendry Wang

Head of Marketing, Noble Software, Indonesia

I am not sure if this will be of interest, but I too do maths tutoring - in the UK. I spent ages looking for a really good VC system a couple of years before covid as a means of covering sessions during bad weather and holidays.

I looked at all the offerings - I can't even recall the various options - but I looked in depth at about 7 providers and software settling on BigBlueButton about 18 months before Covid hit. I tell you this as background for the following ...

Nothing but nothing comes close to BBB for educational use, and every time I have to use Zoom I hate it - it is awful. How it got so popular is beyond me but there it is.

BigBlueButton is REALLY not a good idea for self install if you are not strongly technically inclined. I spent 20 years in the IT industry before going back to my maths roots - and it was never an easy thing to install. Worse still is that upgrading cane be a pain too. Its not the base install - it is getting a reliable working Turn server that snafu'd me very time. Then there is the time required to keep up-to-date with all the upgrades, improvements etc - and with the whole increased issues surrounding security issues these days that has become almost a full time distraction from tutoring.

About 2 years ago I started using HigherEdLab.com to provide the BigBlueButton service. I can''t recommend them enough. I literally had to make one change to my working BigBlueButton installation to link my existing frontend to their servers - it just worked. Since then I have returned my server to my physical control - I just prefer to have everything in my physical control - but I still use HigherEdLab.com as a support contractor.

They now manage any upgrade processes and as part of that agreement they give me access to their Turn server. For me it is the perfect compromise.

Now Covid has pretty much passed as an issue - not one of my tutees has even requested a return to 'in person' sessions, although I suspect I have lost a couple of new prospects because I am not doing so. On the plus side I have picked up tutees from referrals from existing and past tutees from family members or friends scatters about. One is ~ a 500 mile round trip away and the other a 2 hour flight (Greece as it happens). So on balance no real losses. I am not going back to pre covid working thanks to BigBlueButton.

I am sure once you get used to BigBlueButton there is no way you would ever go back to Zoom.

As a final comment - I want to thank the BigBlueButton devs - you guys are just awesome doing this project. I tell everyone who has even the slightest interest in VC systems they should look at this ... hopefully they listen.

Chris Hermann

Test-prep & Tutoring, UK

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