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[Solved] Greenlight: Server Error Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret

There could be many reasons such as expired SSL certificate, incorrect BIGBLUEBUTTON_ENDPOINT, and misconfigured Scalelite. Follow the steps in this post to resolve Server Error Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret.
30 Dec, 2021

If you have been a BigBlueButton administrator for a while, and have used Greenlight as the front-end to access BigBlueButton, you most likely have encountered the following error:

Server Error Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret

Following are the possible reasons for the error above:

  1. You might have entered incorrect BIGBLUEBUTTON_ENDPOINT and BIGBLUEBUTTON_SECRET in the .env file of Greenlight server
  2. The SSL certificate expired on your BigBlueButton server might have expired
  3. Sometimes even if you remove a BigBlueButton server from the Scalelite server, the Scalelite will still poll for the removed BigBlueButton server. In that case, the Greenlight server connecting to that Scalelite server will throw the error above.
  4. BigBlueButton server is not accessible from the Greenlight server, may be due to firewall or some network issue
  5. You might be running an old instance of the Greenlight server.

You should go through each of the possible cause and dig dipper into what is applicable in your case.

To help you troubleshooting, we are sharing our solution checklist as below:

  1. Make sure you have set the correct  BIGBLUEBUTTON_ENDPOINT and BIGBLUEBUTTON_SECRET in the .env file.
  2. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate on the BigBlueButton server.
  3. Once you make any changes to the Scalelite server, make sure to restart it.
  4. Verify that Greenlight configurations is correct by executing the following command:
    docker run --rm --env-file .env bigbluebutton/greenlight:v2 bundle exec rake conf:check
  5. Make sure the Greenlight server can connect to the BigBlueButton server. To check the connectivity, use the command below:
    docker exec -t greenlight-v2 curl <BIGBLUEBUTTON_ENDPOINT>
  6. Finally, upgrade the Greenlight server, as follows:
    docker pull bigbluebutton/greenlight:v2
    docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d

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