In BigBlueButton 2.4, Moderators (teachers) are now able to view student participation and engagement throughout the session. 

The Learning Dashboard gives moderators a live view (updated every 10 seconds) of user metrics that include

  • When they joined the session
  • How long there have been in the session
  • Time talking
  • Time sharing their webcam
  • How many messages, emojis, and raise hand events they have done
  • current status (online/offline)
  • Response to all polls

One common issue that Moderators (Teachers) face is how to access the Learning Dashboard after the online class. 

By default data for the Learning Dashboard are kept for 2 minutes after a session ends and then are removed permanently.

In order to make the Learning dashboard persistent, you need to change the variable learningDashboardCleanupDelayInMinutes in  /usr/share/bbb-web/WEB-INF/classes/

To keep the learning dashboard data permanently, change the value to 0: LearningDashboardCleanupDelayInMinutes=0. 

Once you make this please restart the bbb by running bbb-conf –restart.

In order to access the dashboard data you need to supply

  1. The internal meeting id of the meeting, which is same as the directory name under /var/bigbluebutton/learning-dashboard/ on your server
  2. The access token for the learning dashload, which is same as the  subdirectory name under /var/bigbluebutton/learning-dashboard/<internal meeting Id>/

Then the learning dashboard can be accessed through<internal meeting Id>&report=<access token>

If you wish to see the learning dashboard in your preferred language then you can an addition parameter to above url &lang=<language code>Then complete  url would look like this :<internal meeting Id>&report=<access token>&lang=<language code>