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The Best of Our Projects

Stripe Plugin

Online payments and subscriptions made simple, secure and fast. 1300+ monthly downloads.

Paypal Plugin

Online payments and subscriptions using Paypal or Credit/Debit card on your Strapi app via Paypal.

Google Translator

Easily translate your content into 100+ languages. Supports text and html translattion with glossaries. 

BigBlueButton Plugin

Integrates BigBlueButton web conferencing into Strapi so that you can easily launch your online classes


Use ChatGPT to improve your online classes. For example, create a quiz on any topic or explain any topics.


Help your students understand better by providing automated class notes with topics, summary and sentiments.

Speech Translation

Speech-to-speech translate your classes in real-time into 100+ languages

BigBlueButton Themes

Take BigBlueButton online classes to a whole new level with a re-designed theme that you can easily customize.

Why Hire Our Dedicated Team

We work closely with you to understand your problem and desired outcomes, and offer a clear path to a solution. Then, we would structure a dedicated team around that path. The team would work in a flexible and transparent way that is tailored to your schedule, so you can feel confident about meeting your goals.

Effective Collaboration at Zero Risk


Daily Updates

With more visibility ensure the team is aligned with your goals


Match Your Timezone

We match your timezone and overlap 4+ hours with your workday.


Zero risk

If you decide to stop within two weeks, you pay nothing.

Hiring Our Team is Easy

In 3 steps, you’ll enjoy speed and transparency in hiring our development team with comprehensive governance and controls.
If you decide to stop within two weeks, you pay nothing.

Scope the Task

We’ll build a clear roadmap, execution strategy, and development plan specific to your needs and detail weekly Story-Points based Sprints with clear outcomes.

Spec the Tooling

Then we’ll specify the necessary products and services, dependencies, integrations, data models/structures, and hosting infrastructure to succeed.

Deploy the Team

Finally, we’ll bring together the right people with the required skills and experience to deliver solution success, as per your governance model.

Clients  Us

Let me share a bit of testimonial as one of Higheredlab clients.

  1. Service = Any setting, configuration, and discussion are well treated, and provided by Higheredlab. We are happy to have the servers always running smoothly, the load balancing is working fine. Never had an issue about the server performance.
  2. Support = Higheredlab support team help me to set up the brand until satisfying our meets and requirements. Any maintenance schedule is always told to us in advance. We have good communication via WhatsApp group for fast response and some more detail conversation in emails
  3. Updates = In periodical terms, we are given updates, not from BigBlueButton itself only, but also from a specific dashboard that is updated by Higheredlab.
  4. Alternative apps = Actually we tried Zoom and Google Meet at least to compare with BigBlueButton, but since my product is Teaching and Learning App, we choose BigBlueButton as the best platform in many perspectives: customizability, more suitable for learning platform, core features are not different with other platform. For the cost, it’s a bit different concept with Zoom, because in Zoom or Google Meet, we buy licenses per user, but in BigBlueButton we host a server that can utilize as many users as we want in the capable servers, so this will remove the restriction of users. In terms of performance, it’s pretty good too, we can choose the best location if we select the Premium package, naturally it should be the closest location to the country.
  5. We recommend Higheredlab to be the vendor of BigBlueButton service, along with the above categories thoughts I mentioned, in overall, it is the stability and long term cooperation, we have worked with Higheredlab more than 1 year and everything is working fine.
We thank Higheredlab for the service given to us, in overall it is good and satisfactory to work with.
Hendry Wang

Head of Marketing, Noble Software, Indonesia

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