BigBlueButton Security Features: An In-Depth Analysis

Discover the multiple security mechanisms that BigBlueButton offers to ensure user safety and data privacy. From checksum validation to encrypted connections and advanced log monitoring, learn how BigBlueButton is a secure choice for online learning.
29 Jun, 2023

When it comes to online classroom software, BigBlueButton stands out for its impressive array of features. One of the most crucial aspects of any online tool, especially those used in educational contexts, is security. In this blog post, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of BigBlueButton security features.

BigBlueButton offers multiple security mechanisms to ensure the privacy and safety of its users. The system’s robust architecture is designed to keep data secure, whether it’s being transmitted over the network or stored on the server. Here are the top BigBlueButton security features you should know about:

Checksum Validation

One of the primary BigBlueButton security features is the use of a checksum to validate incoming API calls. This checksum is computed from a shared secret, often referred to as the “Salt”, along with the full query string of the incoming API call. This feature ensures that any request received by the server is verified and authentic, protecting the system from potential threats or malicious attacks.

Encrypted WebSocket Connection

In addition to checksum validation, the BigBlueButton client establishes a WebSocket connection back to the server. This connection is secured using HTTPS (WSS), guaranteeing that all data sent between the client and server is encrypted. This is a crucial security feature, as it prevents any third parties from intercepting or tampering with the data being transmitted.

Configuration Files with Local Overrides

BigBlueButton’s configuration files come with local overrides. This means that administrators can specify local equivalents that override the default settings. This security feature is particularly valuable because it ensures that the server uses these local settings regardless of any changes made during upgrades. This capability increases security by preventing unwanted changes from affecting the system’s functionality​1​.

Log Monitoring

Monitoring and debugging is made easier with the HTML5 client’s ability to send its logs to the BigBlueButton server using the logger function. This function accepts three targets for the logs: console, server, and external1​. The external option, while disabled by default, can be enabled by the administrator. This feature allows the client to POST log events to a specific URL endpoint, providing another layer of monitoring and control for the system​1​.


BigBlueButton’s security features demonstrate a robust and comprehensive approach to safeguarding user data and maintaining system integrity. From the use of checksum validation to secure WebSocket connections, local overrides for configuration files, and advanced log monitoring capabilities, BigBlueButton provides a secure environment for online learning.

While security is a shared responsibility, with users needing to follow best practices, the software itself has laid a solid foundation. With its commitment to security and privacy, BigBlueButton continues to be a leading choice for educational institutions worldwide.

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