BigBlueButton: A Comprehensive Guide to Open-Source Online Learning

Discover the expansive features of BigBlueButton, an open-source video conferencing software designed for online education. Learn about its functionalities, from interactive whiteboards to integrated VoIP, and the latest updates in version 2.6.
29 Jun, 2023

BigBlueButton is a premier open-source video conferencing software, tailor-made for online learning and e-learning platforms. It’s highly recognized for integrating core web conferencing features that you would usually find in commercial systems. The main offerings of BigBlueButton include:

  • Seamless audio and video sharing capabilities,
  • Dynamic presentations with interactive whiteboards – offering tools such as pointers, zooming, and drawing functionalities,
  • The option for both public and private chat,
  • Distinct breakout rooms for focused group discussions,
  • Efficient screen sharing,
  • Interactive features like polls and emojis, including the “raise hand” option,
  • Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP),
  • Support for showcasing PDF and Microsoft Office documents during presentations.

While BigBlueButton is a free software, making it a cost-effective choice for educational institutions, there would be expenses related to hosting a BigBlueButton server. It has carved a niche for itself due to the exceptional quality of audio and video during live sessions. It also ensures smooth integration with prominent learning management systems such as Moodle, Canvas, and Sakai. Users can conveniently join a BigBlueButton meeting or online classroom using a browser on their device, without the need to download any additional software or app. BigBlueButton’s strong global community of developers is committed to creating a high-quality web conferencing system for online learning and providing it free for educational institutions across the globe.

The latest version of BigBlueButton, version 2.6, comes with various new features and improvements:

  • Enhanced usability through the Dark theme and a more user-friendly Echo Test dialog​1​.
  • Augmented student engagement with tools like an upgraded whiteboard, the capability to export shared notes and breakout room whiteboard annotations to the main room, and simplified setup of polls​1​.
  • Superior performance due to recording API improvements and upgraded components​1​.
  • Improved recording start notification and an added feature to record sessions in video format​1​.
  • Advanced webcam features such as the ability to pin multiple webcams, upload personal webcam backgrounds, and adjust webcam brightness​1​.
  • Live Automatic Closed Captions, available for specific browsers​1​.
  • Teachers now have the ability to export their slide decks with added annotations during a lesson​1​.
  • New features like the ability to upload a presentation directly from NextCloud and simplified user management between breakout rooms​1​.

By integrating such advanced features, BigBlueButton is continually evolving to provide an efficient and engaging platform for e-learning and online education.

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