The History and Latest Features of BigBlueButton: An In-Depth Look

Explore the journey of BigBlueButton, from its inception in 2007 to its latest 2.6 release. Understand how this open-source web conferencing system has evolved over the years, making online learning more interactive and engaging.
30 Jun, 2023

Every great innovation starts with a vision, and the BigBlueButton project is no exception. This open-source online classroom software was birthed from the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University in 2007. The initial version was the brainchild of Richard Alam, under the watchful eyes of Tony Bailetti【13†source】.

The Open-Source Journey

The BigBlueButton project has been on a thrilling journey since its inception. From its humble beginnings at Carleton University, the project has grown into a global platform, continually evolving and improving thanks to the contributions of a passionate and dedicated international user and developer community. To date, the platform has seen over a dozen releases, each unveiling new features, rigorous testing, improved documentation, and enhanced community support【14†source】.

Major Milestones

Let’s take a moment to highlight some key milestones in the BigBlueButton project’s journey:

  • In 2009, Richard Alam, Denis Zgonjanin, and Fred Dixon uploaded the BigBlueButton source code to Google Code, marking the inception of Blindside Networks. This company embraces the traditional open-source business model, offering paid support and services to the BigBlueButton community.
  • The year 2010 saw the introduction of a whiteboard for annotating uploaded presentations, significantly enhancing user interaction.
  • The project saw a significant leap in 2011 with the announcement of adding record and playback capabilities to BigBlueButton 0.80.
  • The BigBlueButton 2.2 release in 2020 marked a full rewrite of the client and server to support HTML5. This release was recognized as the best web conferencing system by the President of ENTD, Pasquale Aiello, and used in the UNIOPEN project, which is approved by the European Commission for Digital Skills and Job Coalition action plan【20†source】.
  • The year 2021 saw the release of BigBlueButton 2.3, which continued to depend on MongoDB and marked the first recommendation for using a proprietary MongoDB version【21†source】.
  • In 2022, BigBlueButton was embedded directly into the Moodle 4.0 core, the largest Learning Management System. It also released BigBlueButton 2.4 in January, followed by BigBlueButton 2.5 in late September, further cementing its standing as a pivotal tool for organizations and schools worldwide for remote learning and teaching【22†source】.

The Latest and Greatest: BigBlueButton 2.6

And now we come to the most recent milestone, the release of BigBlueButton 2.6. This major update introduces a dynamic new whiteboard, facilitating increased engagement with students. The release also offers several enhancements, including:

  • A sophisticated and multi-functional whiteboard that supports fluid drawing, erasing, resizing, and moving of objects, fostering collaboration and visual assessment【33†source】.
  • Breakout rooms that automatically capture shared notes and whiteboard content, making collaborative learning sessions more productive and engaging【34†source】.
  • Personalized layout management, allowing the presenter to control the focus of the layout during a session【35†source】.
  • A bundle of fun and personalization features, such as pinning multiple webcams, setting webcam image brightness, uploading custom webcam backgrounds, and a toggle for light and dark mode【36†source】.
  • Enhanced accessibility features, like automatic closed captioning for English, Spanish, and Portuguese when using Google Chrome【38†source】.

The project received support from ZKI, the German association of Higher Education IT centres, and the French Ministry of Education, contributing tothe development of various features in this release, such as integration with Nextcloud, a new whiteboard, returning content back from breakout rooms, download of slides with whiteboard marks, and recordings as video files【42†source】【39†source】.

In conclusion, the BigBlueButton project, through its open-source model, has been able to consistently improve and evolve by leveraging the support of its vast international user and developer community. Each new release brings with it exciting features and enhancements that make online learning more accessible, engaging, and effective. With its recent 2.6 release, BigBlueButton continues to establish itself as a leading tool for remote learning and teaching.

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