BigBlueButton Capacity: How Many Users Can Join a BigBlueButton Online Class?

Learn about the capacity of BigBlueButton, the open-source online classroom software. Understand server requirements and user setup to maximize the number of users in a single class.
30 Jun, 2023

In an increasingly digital world, online classrooms have become a crucial part of our educational system. As institutions shift towards distance learning, platforms like BigBlueButton stand out with their comprehensive suite of features designed to create an engaging and interactive learning experience. But how many users can a BigBlueButton online class support? Let’s dive in.

As per the latest information from BigBlueButton’s official documentation, an optimized BigBlueButton server can support up to 500 concurrent users, with up to 250 users in a single class​1​. This is a significant increase from what was previously possible, making BigBlueButton an even more robust solution for online learning.

This capacity comes with a set of server requirements. For instance, the server should run on Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit OS with Linux kernel 5.x, have the latest version of Docker installed, and boast a minimum of 16 GB of memory, 8 CPU cores with high single-thread performance, and 500 GB of free disk space (or 50GB if session recording is disabled on the server)​1​. The bandwidth requirement is at least 250 Mbits/sec (symmetrical) or more.

From the users’ perspective, BigBlueButton is flexible and accommodates a variety of setups. Most people with average bandwidth, a recent computer, and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge should be able to meet all the minimum requirements​2​.

For desktop or laptop users, a computer with at least 4GB of memory and a 2+ Ghz processor is recommended. Bandwidth requirements are at least 1.0 Mbits/second upstream and 2 Mbits/second downstream. A headset is strongly recommended for optimal audio experience​2​.

Mobile device users should have a 4G LTI data network for best results or a minimum 3G network to use audio, view presentation content, and receive screen sharing. It is also recommended to reduce device usage while connecting to BigBlueButton; close applications that may run in the background and reduce browsing activities​2​.

Moderators and presenters are recommended to connect from a desktop or laptop device whenever possible. This ensures that all features and functions available in BigBlueButton are accessible to the user. It’s important to note that screen sharing uses more bandwidth than sharing a webcam. Therefore, the presenter should have an upstream bandwidth of at least 2 Mbits/sec​2​.

BigBlueButton is not just about video conferencing. It’s a complete learning platform packed with features designed to engage students and enhance learning. It offers interactive tools like chat, polls, breakout rooms, and a multi-user whiteboard​3​.

In summary, with the right setup, BigBlueButton is a powerful tool that can support large online classes while providing an immersive learning experience.

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