Recently lots of BigBlueButton administrators have reported Call Timed Out 1006 errors while using BigBlueButton, especially on a Chrome Browser. 

If you use the latest version of (96.0.4664.93) to join a BigBlueButton session, then while checking the microphone option, you may face the Call Timeout Error 1006. 

1006 is a WebRTC error. Because of this error your users won’t be able to join a call with the microphones. 

This error happens even when you have your BigBlueButton server configured with a Turn server. 

Please be mindful that this error will occur even when you have given the right permission to the Chrome browser. 

On another note, this error doesn’t occur while using Firefox or Edge browser. 


  • You need to upgrade your BigBlueButton server to the latest stable version (2.3.16). 
  • If you have been running BigBlueButton 2.2.x on a Ubuntu 16.x server, it’s high time that you first upgrade to Ubuntu 18.x and install the latest stable version of BigBlueButton. 
  • Don’t forget to keep a backup of all your recordings and custom configurations. 
  • After upgrading, you should be able to join your BigBlueButton classes on a Chrome browser. 


  • Chrome browser was supporting plan B SDP method for WebRTC connections. Now Plan B is getting removed from the latest version of the Chrome browser. 
  • So the old versions of BigBlueButton servers, which depend on Plan B for WebRTC connection, would throw Call Timeout 1006 error. 
  • This issue is restricted to the latest version of the Chrome browser. 
  • For any reasons, if you are not able to upgrade your BigBlueButton to the latest version, or worse, upgrade to Ubuntu 18.x, you may advise your users to join classes over Firefox or Safari.