BigBlueButton is known for 15-minute straight forward installation. Installation becomes still easier with the upcoming version 2.5 of BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton 2.5 has better packaging and configuration, resulting in much easier installation and very few installation errors, if any.

You get a better whiteboard. You will immediately notice that annotations are visible to the attendees as soon as you start typing.

Earlier you had to type the complete word and release the cursor.

In addition, now you can save your slides with annotations. This is very useful for teachers to save class notes and share later.

Screen and webcam sharing in BigBlueButton 2.5 performs noticeable better. This has been made possible by using MediaSoup as the default media server in stead of Kurento.

Finally, BigBlueButton 2.5 uses Ubuntu 20.04. So it benefits from latest Linux kernel (5.4), while getting extended EOL of April 2030.

The best part, you can get BigBlueButton 2.5 hosting at $12 per month subscription. Check out our subscription plans here: