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To teach  total students across all classes,  total classes, conducted  times a day


Server CPU & RAM


Disk space for recordings


Bandwidth for video conferencing
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  1. In each class, only the teacher uses a webcam. Occasionally, the teacher may ask a few students to share their webcams
  2. Each BBB server (8 CPU, 16 GB) can hold 250 users;
  3. For 2nd BBB server ( Number of users > 250) you will need a Scalelite server
  4. For 1 hour class, median size of playback recording is 149 MB (average is 147 MB and maximum size is 524 MB). This is based on our analysis of 1,000 regular 1-hour classes, with 1 teacher webcam and students on microphones. At times teachers may use screen sharing.
  5. References: Digital Ocean pricing and AWS pricing
  6. Outgoing bandwidth per hour = video + audio + screen sharing Reference
    • Video: Number of classes * (total number of users per class – 1) * 0.25 MBits / second * 3600 seconds
    • Audio: Total number of users * 0.04 Mbits / second * 3600 seconds
    • Screen sharing: Total number of users * 0.6 MBits / second * 900 seconds [assuming 15 minutes of screen sharing in a 60 minute class, assuming screen being shared is updating moderately.]
    • Assuming screen resolution 320×240.

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MP4 Recordings

Easily integrate this app into your BigBlueButton server to automatically convert class recordings into MP4.

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Live stream your BigBlueButton classes on Youtube or Facebook.

Join by Phone

Integrate Twilio into BigBlueButton so that users can join a class via phone using a dial-in number

Better Audio + Video

Better audio, fix 1007/1020 errors, dynamic video profile, pagination and more optimizations

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